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im tired of the bullshit people always got something to say about me but they never have anything to say to my face . i tell people that im quiet for a reason and its true becuase i keep quiet and let them talk and say w.e they want but then when u touch me i blow the fuck up and beat the shit out u ! but itsz w.e ill tell u more about it tom peace :)
OMG! so today is my boyfriends birthday and i think im more excited about it  then he is :) well... so he got the bar peicing today he wanted that really bad . i really love this kid ! like crazy our date 12*13*08 and eveer since that day ive been so happy ! well he treats me right and always makes me laugh and smile when im upset. He understands me and everything im going through and i love that !I can always talk to him about anyhting and if he doesnt understand he tries to. he doesnt try to get mad at me alot because he hate wen im upset .he calls me his wife because he treats me like one . his nickname for me is "Ma" because im his mamacita ! :) i had the most embarrasing day the other day in school and i didnt wanna tell him because hes my boyfriend and like i dont want to think about me different and he told me that i can tell him anyhting and he wont judge me and ithink less about me because im his girl and he loves me no matter what :) He gives me butterflies like crazy and make me feel good about myself he everything i ever wanted he a lover and protector and kinda like those act like a thug in public but really sweet and caring when ur with him even around friend he acts liek that which i love i love a guy who stands up for himself but also for me and holds me but when he holds me holds me so tight let hell never let me go and i love that feeling he gives me .hes also very strong he picks me up all the time:) the other day he pick me up and we were spinning but he kissed me at the sametime and it gave me goosebumps and buttflies :) i can go on and on about him because im in love with him ,but i gotta go talk to my babii so peace !:)


Jan. 17th, 2009

I think back on the life we had ....
why  did we do this &
why are things like this  it isnt right...

I miss knowing you cared, 
I miss knowing you were there, 
I  miss everything we once had, 
& now knowing its gone its a shame it
didnt last......

I think to the days
we spend watching movies in the dark
giggling & laughing and mom says
whats going on .....

I think back to the summer days
layin by the pool talkin and relaxing  
without a care in the world as
long as we were together ...

I think back to the woneter days
kissing & playing in the snow
like little kids and wondering
what we can do .....

Now im sitting here thinkin
what went wrong everything was supposed
to be so rite .....

We had so much fun even though we would fight ,
I love you like crazy
& I love when you hold me so tight
but this just isnt right ...

this  peom was writing by me to my ex after we just broke up  now idk wat to think about it !


So i think today i was telling you guys a little earilier about my old boyfriend . well we've been  through alot and I trusted him with so much i think back to the things i trusted him with and its like why did i do that . my i con explains alot . he would do things behind my back thinking i wouldnt find out and everything and then when i did find out he would say its not true that they made it up and i would believe it because i was stupid and so wrapped up in him i think i believed everything he said . i was so stupid so believe it all . then he cheated on me for a month and i didnt find out till after we broke up cause he got mad that i yelled back at him wen he yelled at me .but then i got wit my bestfriend and we go out now and no my bestfriend isnt a girl hes a guy and hes amazing i love him so much . he treats me rite and neva yells at me ova stupid shit ! but it still kinda hard gettin ova someone u went through so much wit but my current boyfriend understand that why i love him so much :) well till my next entry peace :)

lil about my life

 Well i guess i start by saying a little about me. Im 13 and live on Staten Island i was born and raised here . My birthdays feb .22 . but  enough about the basic bullshit . Ive been through alot in my life , yeah I know you would think im only 13 what have I gone through in life . Well lets start with the love subject I was with this guy for almost a year and we went through so much together and we always would think as long as were together nothing matters u you know ? but everything ended so bad idk wt went wrong but it all did . in my next entry i will tell u all about it but i have to go so peace :)


smile pretty nice

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